Experiences from the MVP Global Summit 2014


Most of the things that the MVPs received from Microsoft at the MVP Summit is under an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) which means we are not allowed to talk about it until the information has been made public by Microsoft.
With that reason I will only tell you about my experiences from both this and last year, not about the information that was provided.

The campus
First up is the campus itself. If you’ve never been to “the mothership” then I think that I can fairly assume that you will experience it as overwhelming.
The Microsoft campus is a city on its own, with a Starbuck around every corner (yes, they have their own Starbucks’s at the Campus!) and an internal taxi service called ‘shuttles’ in order to get from building to building.
My first time at the Microsoft campus was during the PowerShell Summit back in 2013, so during my first MVP Summit I was a little prepared.
I say a little, because during that MVP Summit I found out that the campus has over 150 buildings! You can only grasp this when you understand how big an average building on the campus is… and that times 150!!!
Green is something Microsoft is very fond of. Everywhere there are trees, bushes, soccer fields (Go, Microsoft!). Although Microsoft is a very, very large company and the campus mindboggling, they included nature in their whole design… which I love.

Like I wrote, the content of the sessions is mostly under NDA. That doesn’t mean that I can’t write about my general experiences.
The deep level of content the PowerShell team provided was something that just made me proud and feel honored to be part of the group.

Fellow MVPs
For me, meeting my fellow MVPs and especially the ones that I never meet at other events, is a main part of why the MVP Summit is so much fun for me.
So guys and gal, thank you once more!

Years ago I heard someone say that such a Summit is just a vendor brainwashing their fan-boys.
Well, i can tell you that a lot of MVP’s became MVP’s because they are critic,. but in a positive way… tell the vendor what’s wrong and foremost how to improve!
Also, do you truly think that MVPs need a vendor to get their brain washed?
Seriously, we can do it just fine on our own…

A kickstarter project for a Windows Store alternative


Now this is a Kickstarter project I’m truly passionate about.
The Windows Store, a beautiful concept but in my opinion open for improvement.
Both in depth and in coverage.

Chocolatey has started a kickstarter project to get funding to become that alternative.
The chocolatey product, in combination with OneGet and Windows PowerShell (Desired State Configuration), is in my opinion one of the post powerful package delivery systems out there.
Help! Donate! Make the world of package delivery / application deployment a better place where we truly can use ambiguous solutions where we don’t care about the OS


PowerShell DSC – Package ID unknown? Not a problem!


With PowerShell Desired State Configuration you’re able to install a package with the Package resource.
However, you’ll need to provide a package ID.
In the past I either created a snapshot of a VM, installed the application and dove in the registry to find the package id.
You could also install ORCA and use that to extract the package ID from the package.

Recently I noticed that PowerShell DSC has a nice little improvement which was introduced somewhere along the line.
When you try and install a package with a faulty package ID in your script, you’ll get an error back from PowerShell stating that
the package ID didn’t match the one found in the package… and stating the package id found inside the package!!!

So, copy-paste the package id from the error message into the DSC configuration and voilá… you’re set to go! :-)

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